Making Our Movies Film Festival (MOM Film Fest) is a film festival and community that is amplifying movies made by moms, and creating opportunities that will get #momsbackonset in the film and television industry. Moms are missing from the filmmaking landscape in a major way and the pandemic has only set us back even further. On top of fighting for parity, experiencing racial inequalities, and a lack of inclusion on all fronts – women in the film and television industry also face additional conscious and unconscious prejudices when it is discovered that they’re moms. This is the reason many women in our industry are still mothering in the shadows and keeping motherhood a secret.

But this is why now more than ever, it is imperative that we support the women who are tackling two enormous tasks at the same time – making movies and raising kids. MOM Film Fest is working on initiatives that include; monetary awards for winning filmmakers, childcare stipends for moms in need, a shadowing program for moms returning to the industry after taking time away to raise their families, and ad creation for brands. Our non-profit tax status is provided by The Center for Active Learning, (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization).

We are looking for story-based projects in the form of narrative (fiction) or documentary (non fiction) films and series that feature moms in leadership positions – writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, etc. We accept short-form content (up to 30 minutes long) in the following categories: Narrative, Documentary, Series, Mom-themed content, and Social Justice.

The 2nd annual MOM Film Fest will take place online in August 2021, submissions open in March 2021. Motherhood is the greatest universal bond and it allows us to understand each other in ways that only we can. Join us!

Awards & Prizes

Best Short Film (Narrative or Documentary)

Best Series  

Best Director 

Best Cinematography 

Best Mom-themed Project

Best Social Justice Project

Audience Choice Award

* All MOM Film Fest winners will receive an award and will split 30% of ticket sales.