Because moms are natural-born creators.

Join us for our free virtual industry panels happening live on MOM Film Fest’s Facebook page and our industry mixer happening on Zoom beginning on Friday, August 20th.

Moms Working in Film (PANEL) – Friday, August 20th: Time 3pm EST

  • Addressing the pandemic’s impact on moms in our industry, The Motherhood Penalty, and how the gender pay gap is directly related to being a mother
  • Childcare on set and accommodations for mothers – let’s address the “baby” in the room
  • Discussing solutions to move forward and concrete steps that can be taken to¬†advocate for industry change

Industry Networking Mixer (EVENT) – Friday, August 20th: Time 5pm EST

  • Network, mix, and mingle with industry pros and our peers. (Registration required, register here)

Black Moms in Crisis in America (PANEL) – Saturday, August 21st: Time 11am EST

  • Discussing how Black moms are dying during childbirth at an alarming rate, losing their kids due to police brutality, experiencing social and racial injustice, being paid less and suffering from a lack of access and opportunity
  • Working on solutions for maintaining our mental wellness through societal and oftentimes daily traumas we experience
  • Despite all of theses challenges, our stories must still be told and we’ll talk about how

The Stages & Phases of Motherhood (PANEL) – Saturday, August 21st: Time 3pm EST

  • Shedding light on the stages we go through as moms while the kids are growing and going through their own life phases
  • Discussing the media’s portrayal of mothers and whether it skews society’s view of motherhood
  • Our mental health matters – an honest discussion to help erase the shame of pregnancy loss, postpartum depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD, mom guilt, loss of identity, etc.

The Art of Fundraising (PANEL) – Sunday, August 22nd: Time 2pm EST

  • Creative ideas for fundraising
  • Dissecting the importance of email lists and social media engagement
  • Grants that are new or not as well-known